– We’re blogging and it’s about time.


Oh My God! My first blog. The first time I actually HAVE to have something to say. I mean I always have something to say but then isn’t that the curse of the internet? Too many people with things to say that, lets face it, are boring as hell and as insightful as staring at the bottom of a bucket. Not even a colourful bucket. Not even a bucket with interesting shaped gunk floating around in the bottom. Just a plain, clean plastic bucket. Although now that I think about what the internet really is, the bucket should probably have some sort of porn drawn on the bottom that you can access for $5.95 a peek. I rave.

But god damn it I was Dargo and I want a place to rant, rave, say stupid things, reveal my bad grammar, appalling typing, and my love for all things sci fi. So here we are!

Sci fi. Hmmm. Sci fi. For every single great scene I see in sci fi television, I see 10 crap ones. This isn’t me being clever and saying I could do it better. God knows I’ve been a part of some great sci fi but I also know I’ve been a part of some real crap!!!! The one thing that this has taught me is that there can be no formula when it comes to creativity. Everyone working on Farscape was talented, insightful, hard working – full of energy, ideas, knowledge and passion. This is the reason we created a great show. Yet we also stuffed up sometimes. In hindsight, or from the outside, some of the decisions we made were obviously dreadful but at least our hearts and talents were in the right place – and we can all agree – we had more wins than losses.

So I thought I would dedicate my first blog here at LiveSciFi to my “Simcoe’s Laws of Great Sci Fi ”

  • Aliens rock, but aliens who are complex characters rock harder. A simple set of pointy ears on a complex character is infinitely more interesting than a 5 hour make-up job on a walking cliché.
  • No matter how far away the galaxy is, it must relate to our present day lives here on earth. We have to care right?
  • The best idea wins, not the most CGI. Repeat a thousand times.
  • Sci fi fans reward bravery and diversity. This is the place to be brave, sexy, controversial and genre breaking. The sci fi shows that create “sci fi” in its infinite varieties of cliché are the reason we have so many crap episodes of sci fi film and television.
  • Wrestling is not sci fi. Wrestling in sci fi = good. Wrestling on Sci Fi = bad.

That’s it for now. I’m sure I’ll add to this list over time. Feel free to create your own lists on the boards. We may even “appropriate” (read – steal) the best ones to add to this list.




6 Responses to “ – We’re blogging and it’s about time.”

  1. Hi Anth,

    I’m so excited to finally read your blog! I agree with your list and wanted to comment on it by adding that without a great story between “people” where you can see growth and change that is organic, science fiction movies and TV fail. I think the best CGI in the universe can overpower a weak story. I can think of so many examples where I walk out of the theater unmoved or turn off the TV going “Ok, they hit the reset button”, or “boy those prosthetics on those alien guys were cheesy.” We’re not supposed to notice the prosthetics, we’re supposed to feel for the person inside, no matter how alien. Everyone has a story. That is why Doctor Who is so fascinating (both 2005 and now David Tennant’s version) and my new show is Pushing Daisies and Heroes. I care about the people.

    Your last bullet is absolutely on target. Keep saying it!

  2. Farscape Good Says:

    Hi – I look forward to your comments about your work and the work you did on Farscape. I agree that you guys made a couple of crap episodes but you created one of the best television series I have ever seen … probably the best (which is the only reason I am commenting … it’s not often you can tell someone directly how great you thought their work was – love the John and D’argo scenes). The focus on character really touched a chord and brought the human condition to life with aliens… even in absurd situations. The visuals, the writing, the humor, the sound, the acting, … awesome. Best of luck with all of your endeavors.

  3. “The best idea wins, not the most CGI. Repeat a thousand times.”

    Oh, how I wish George Lucas followed that bit of wisdom when working on the prequels. More Star Wars = good forever & for always, but at times it felt to me like a cgi fest instead delving into the lives & motivations of the characters in the world I’d loved as a child. I wanted more. More story, less cgi. 😉

    I also get a kick out of the number of friends who’ve watched & enjoyed science fiction but hadn’t realized it. They’re so used to bad sci fi and don’t recognize it as science fiction when faced with something really good.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Kevin Veighey (aka MadAboutScorpy) Says:

    “Wrestling is not sci fi.”

    Anthony, I’m SO with you on this one, man! It drives me nuts when TV stations put programs on there that have nothing to do with what the station’s all about!

    In fact, I can think of another example of such a thing. Here in the US, we have a program on the Discovery Channel called “Cash Cab”. Essentially, it’s a game show that takes place in the host’s taxi cab in New York City. As he drives the contestants to their destination, the host asks them questions about different things: History, literature, movies, etc. If the contestants get 3 questions wrong before they reach their destination, they have to get out of the cab. It’s so absurd! Why the hell did they put it on the Discovery Channel in the first place?!

    Anyway, keep up the good work with the website. I’ve got a suggestion: In one of your future webisodes, could you bring Wayne Pygram in as a special guest? I think he’s awesome as Scorpius! But, don’t worry, Anth. I also really like D’Argo, and I think he lives as well!

    ~ Kevin Veighey, aka MadAboutScorpy

  5. Rob Morse Says:

    Hi Mr. Simcoe,
    “No matter how far away the galaxy is, it must relate to our present day lives here on earth.”
    You have that right. Science Fiction is a deliberately distorted mirror. We see things we don’t expect, but we are fascinated by our own image. The fact that the actors are such pretty people helps the first time, but after that it is the care and concerns of the characters that bring us back time and again. I think that starts before the writers add dialogue. Ideas matter.

    The alien effect only works to show us new perspectives.

    Thanks for the post. I’ll check back and am hoping for more from you!

  6. Anthony, you are amazing! LOL! I agree with the rules of scifi– maybe with the new management on “Skiffy”, some of the non-scifi shows will be yanked. (One can only hope, right?)

    I’m looking forward to hearing about what you’ve been up to. The world of entertainment has not been the same without you!

    P.S., You should put your “scifi character” quote on a bumper sticker. I would buy one!

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