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Suzi Lorraine – Getting Personal

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Suzi Lorraine and her familiar, Loki.Hello Sci Fi Fans!  I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and tell you a little about the plans we have in store for over the next few months. 

By way of background, I’ve been modelling for about 7 years, and acting for about 6 in the crazy world of cinema. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’ve worked on mainstream films such as “Music and Lyrics” with Hugh Grant (I played the nurse who takes his pulse, revives him, and dances with him in the “PoP! Goes My Heart” music video scene), and on indie films including “Sea of Dust”, “Claang:  The Game”, “Holocaust Holocaust”, “Torment”, “Rise of the Ghosts”, and “Chainsaw Sally”, just to name a few.   I’m also a columnist for Gorezone Magazine in the UK and Horror Mania Magazine in Italy. 

One of the greatest things about my career is that it allows me to travel all over the world, visiting countries and cities I’ve never been to before.  It’s fun to see how other people live, check out their neighborhoods and their architecture, eat the foods they eat, and immerse myself in their culture. It also helps embellish my writing, as I get some nifty “lost in translation” and “cultural differences” stories to talk about.  Certainly, there is “no place like home”, and I do always look forward to returning home from my adventures.  It’s funny because we always tend to think our way is the “right” way of doing things, whether it’s the right way the toilet flushes, or the right side of the street to drive on, or the right process to make a police report when something’s stolen, or the right kind of food to eat.  Really, I think it’s all about what you’re accustomed to and comfortable with.  We’re all creatures of habit to some degree.   

Let’s see, what else should you know?  I have a little black demon cat named Loki, who is the joy of my life.  He has a skinny body, green/brown dragon eyes and extra long ears.  He has lived up to his name in every way possible.  He is as destructive as he is entertaining.  Last week’s hi-jinks included him taking an accidental tumble off the refrigerator, and actually severing some of the connecting wires.  Hissing sounds abounded (not coming from Loki) and then sprays of water filled the air.  We did a “quick fix” to stop the water from pouring forth, and then had the plumber come the next day.   Cats are supposed to be graceful, but this one trips and falls constantly. He gets his “grace” from his mama – in pretty much every film I’ve been in, I have an accidental “woops” moment or unintended fall.   😉   

As you can imagine, in addition to being an actress, model and writer, I am an avid cinema fan.  I’m particularly drawn to the horror, sci-fi, and fantasy realm.  I don’t know what it is about these movies – perhaps the opportunity for escapism, and certainly the chance to live vicariously thru the protagonists and antagonists (without feeling guilty about it, hehe).   I think what’s so special to me about sci-fi in particular is the opportunity to let the viewer really dream and think, and explore the realm of all possibilities within our world.  I’m a huge fan of the “Twilight Zone” series.  I think nearly every episode is a tiny masterpiece, and I love how each one really tells a story, is frequently just so ironic and has a moral and “life lesson” about humanity, if you will, at the end of the day. 

Getting back to the site, my goal here is to really interact with the fans and hopefully get some interesting (and hopefully fiery) dialogue going.  We have plans for bi-monthly web chats in the works, as well as a monthly “Ask Suzi” column in which you can pose questions to me.  Nothing’s off limits – feel free to ask away – whether the topic is acting, writing, actors/actresses you’re curious about, behind the scenes stuff you’ve always wanted to know about,  women in film, modelling, relationship advice, offbeat topics, nuclear fission, sea monkeys… hell you get the idea.   

I look forward to hearing from and chatting with you all very soon!  Remember to send me your questions via the “Contact” form on or call Live SciFi at Live SciFi phone number..

– Suzi
P.S. The first Q&A session will be posted really soon so get your questions in for the next round!


Movie Babe Suzi Lorraine Joins LiveSciFi

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Suzi VampSuzi Screams!

The newest feature from goes LIVE and interactive February 2008 with sexy Scream Queen Suzi Lorraine.

Suzi Lorraine is the quintessential blonde bombshell. Well, not exactly. She IS blonde. Sure, she’s a model, having graced the print campaigns of Nike, Mercedes, Electric Lingerie, Tosca Olive Oil, and more. Scream Queen? You bet. She’s larger than life in The Night They Returned, She Demons of the Black Sun and so many more you’d need a chainsaw to pare the list down into digestible chunks. But this is a bombshell with a business degree. Besides managing an incredibly hectic career, she’s a prolific writer with columns in Horror Mania, Gorezone, and Insomnia magazines.

Now we’ve got her! And we’re pumped.
Suzi Screams on will be Suzi’s latest addition to her already chaotic calendar of modeling, acting, writing, traveling, training, and, oh yeah, being the sexy Genre Babe* everyone loves to love. Suzi recline

Suzi will be with us every other week in an interactive event. Besides writing about what’s on her mind, Suzi will be answering your questions about movies, special FX, acting, casting, co-stars, working in “the biz”, and whatever else you can think up. And this won’t be a testosterone-only zone. Suzi is always ready to provide a woman’s unique point of view for questions from female participants.

Live Chats with Suzi will also be scheduled frequently to give registered members unprecedented access to one of the hottest talents in the genre biz.

Send in your questions for Suzi Lorraine NOW. Use the contact form at or call (941) 234-4773.

Suzi noir*Genre Babe? We’re looking for a title for Suzi that better encompasses her talents in all areas, the way Scream Queen does for her Horror work. Send in your suggestions. We’re setting some prizes aside for the person who comes up with something better than Genre Babe. Or, tell us you like Genre Babe and we’ll stick with it.

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